About Namsatum

Namastum is the best way to raise your voice. You can raise your concern by various way by using namastum platfom . Poll, petition, elect and leader are best way to communicate your grivances. Namastum is available in all country. You can also use Namsatum to stay in touch with friends, colleagues, seniors, juniors and family, anytime and anywhere by using room, private and radio messaging. Messages are delivered fast. Namastum does not store you chat details. .

  • Namsatum is a new advanced community platform.
  • Most Namastum services are free.

Our Mission

Namastum is solving three main problem of the society.

First, we were feeling that voice of the common mass is being suppressed. Dr. Tarun Kothari (MBBS,MD) thought that there should be a plaform to raise concerns of common masses. Media is now totally controlled. Even social media is controlled. So we have created two section poll and petition by witch people can raise their opinion and desires.

Second, Current popular messaging system store your chat details in their server. Namastum des not stroe your chat details. So, Namsatum is also providing an alternative to current messaging system. Second most important point is this that most of the current popular messaing system have a gruop chat system. If a person is in many group, than he or she may got thousands of messages per day. A user cannot read all these messages. Ultimately messages have to be deleted without reading. Namastum has a room feature. In this room feature messages will be send to only those who are present in that room at that time. So namastum saves your time and avoids unneccessary messages.

Third, democracy today is taken away by big giants. Popular and true leders are facing many hinderances. Media makes a wave in favour of those leaders, who pay them. Paid media speaks a lie against true leader and spoil the image. They give wrong information, they hide the negative part of those politicians who paid for it. Namastum is providing a space for these persons. We are giving a platform for the common masses to choose right candidate, right leader. Namastum also provides a platform for these persons to connect with theirs rooters and commom people.

Our Team

Namsatum is founded by Dr.Tarun Kothari who is working on this project from last many years. He learned many skills like html, css, java, javascript, php, Ajax, Laravel, Node.js, Kotlin, blockchain, sql, mysql, local databses etc.

Few more key persons are working on this project. The code names of these fellow workers are AD, BSB, JV, AJ, RK and few more.

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