• Namastum is a Community platform. You can call this as world’s first ‘social engine’ of its kind. It’s a different kind of social platform of its kind, providing room chat, private chat, radio messaging, poll, petition, chat with leader, virtual election and selection of ture leaders.
  • Namastum shall provide you best security of your datas and chats. Namastum does not store your chat details. We use most advance push technology to send and receive your messages, images or videos. We just push it from one to other/s. Other main messenger service providers stores your chat details and may mis-use it, but we are committited to not store your chat messages, images and videos.
  • Namastum also provides a best platform for those who are actual soical and political activist. It eleminiate the money and media bad effects on public. Paid media gives mis-information to the masses and so masses can not select their true leader. A true leader will get a best platform for his fans and followers.

  • Through Namastum, you will be able to do many activities. You can raise your voice in a different way. You can become part of the change.
  • Namastun has a unique room chat feature. In this feature the messgaes, GIFS, images and videos will be send to the members who are actually present in the room. We shall not send these messages to those who are not in that room at that particular time. In this way this is a very good platform for those who dont want un-ncessary messages
  • Namastun has a unique private chat and leader feature. In this feature too the messgaes, GIFS, images and videos will be send to the members who are actually present in the room. We shall not send these to those who are not in that private section or in leader chamber at that particular time. In this way this is a very good platform for those who dont want un-ncessary messages
  • Namastun has a feature of root to leaders. You can root your leader. Leader can also choose his/her available time slot to tlak to his rooters and others persons.

  • As a users, you do not pay anything to get these benefits. Most of these services are totally free for our users. Candidates who are fighting elections may have to pay a little amount. Those who want to boost their post or some website link may need to pay a small amount.

  • Namastum is a community platform. Its a 'social engine'. We do not interfer in between members. We donot change or any modify any data given by the user/s. Authencity is well-mantained.

  • We don't charge from masees. Most of the services are free. Sometime we charge very minimum service charge from service provider or any ad giver or from the candidate, but not from general users.

  • Just login on Namastum. To register enter your email and private key. Make a private key by choosing capital letter, small letter, number and uniques character. Enter your details like county, state, name of city etc. We take these datas as we provie a default room like defaut country room, default state room, defalut city room and also a default room by PIN or ZIP postal code. You can visit our website

  • Yes, our user have extra benefit of private messaging. This private messaging will be send only when both are at the same section at same time. Furthe we have a radio messaging functionalty. You can have a maximum number of 999 members in your radio list. A messages, Emogi, GIF, Images and videos can be send in one click to all memebers of a radio list.

  • This is a fururistic service. Namastum shall provide ‘free listing’ services to service provider. If you are a service provider you can become our channel partner by adding your services under free listing. Listing your service at Namastum is completely free. If you want details of customer than we can charge minimum service charge, otherwise listing will be completely free.

  • Namastum shall provide you world class boost my business services. You can choose this services, even you are not a direct service provider. This block will help you in boosting your business. Namastum will charge very nominal amount for this. By paying just a little amount you can reach to millions of people.

  • Namastum has its unique 'logo policy'. We are giving you the power to use our logo at your website or app free of cost. But logo should be very well defined. It should not be used in bizarre way. You can download different logos from our page logo policy.

  • By using this service you can 'make money'. You have to do a very simple exercise. Just put logo of Namastum on your website with linked to Namastum website. We shall pay you on per click or lump-sum amount. Please see details on 'Make Money' page.

  • This is a unique feature which Namastum is giving you free of cost. Our users can vote you and elect you. This is because of our mission that connection between leaders and people should be more frequently, This is because of our mission that people should have a freedom to express their own views.

  • Namastum has many policy like cockie policy, logo policy, privacy policy, ad policy, boost policy and refund policy. You need to read these policies. They are available on website.

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