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Namsatum is a community platform. It is a 'social engine'. Usually we shall not stor your chat data. Sometime we need to do this and We will process your data to deliver your chat history, including messages, media and files, to any devices of your choosing without a need for you to use third-party backups or cloud storage.


Your privacy is very important to us. We designed our Privacy Policy to make important disclosures about how you can use namastum to share with others and how we collect and can use your content and information. We encourage you to read the Privacy Policy, and to use it to help you make informed decisions.

We always appreciate your feedback or other suggestions about namastum, but you understand that we may use your feedback or suggestions without any obligation to compensate you for them (just as you have no obligation to offer them).


We do our best to keep namastum safe, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help to keep namastum safe, which includes the following commitments by you:

  1. You will not post unauthorized commercial communications (such as spam) on namastum.
  2. You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or violence provoking.
  3. You will not use namastum to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
  4. You will not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement or our policies.
  5. You will not send message to unknown persons in pricate chat. You will not add unknown members to room, radio.
Registration and Account Security-

Namastum users provide their real names and information, and we need your help to keep it that way. Here are some commitments you make to us relating to registering and maintaining the security of your account:

  1. You will not provide any false personal information on namastum, or create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
  2. If we disable your account, you will not create another one without our permission.
  3. You will not use namastum if you are under 13.
  4. You will not use namastum if you are a convicted sex offender.
  5. You will keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date.
  6. You will not share your private key (or in the case of developers, your secret key)
  7. You will not let anyone else access your account, or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.
  8. You will not transfer your account (including any page or application you administer) to anyone without first getting our written permission.
  9. If you select a username or unique name or similar identifier for your account or page, we reserve the right to remove or reclaim it, if we believe it is appropriate (such as when a trademark owner complains about a username that does not closely relate to a user's actual name).

If any dispute arises between a user/users and arising out of use of the website or app thereafter, in connection with the validity, interpretation, implementation or alleged breach of any provision of this Agreement, the dispute shall be referred to a sole Arbitrator who shall be an independent and neutral third party identified by Decision of the Arbitrator shall be final and binding on both the parties to the dispute. The place of arbitration shall be Delhi.

Severability of provisions -

This Agreement between you and governs your use of If any provision of these Website/App Terms and Conditions or part there of is inconsistent with or is held to be invalid/void by or under any law, rule, order or regulation of any Government or by the final adjudication of any court, such inconsistency or invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provision of the Terms and Conditions.

Waiver -

The failure of to exercise or enforce any right or provision of the Terms and Conditions of use shall not constitute a waiver of its right to enforce such right or provision subsequently.

Governing law -

By accessing the Website/App you agree that the laws prevailing in India shall be the governing laws in all matters relating to as well as these Terms and Conditions.

Jurisdiction -

Courts at New Delhi, India alone shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in all matters relating to and these Terms and Conditions, irrespective of the territory and jurisdiction of your access to does not routinely monitor your access/ comment / postings to the website/app but reserves the right to do so. However, if becomes aware of an inappropriate use of or any of its Services, will respond in any way that, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. You acknowledge that will have the right to report to law enforcement authorities any actions that may be considered illegal, as well as any information it receives of such illegal conduct. When requested, will co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies in any investigation of alleged illegal activity on the Internet. reserves all other rights.


Please report any violations of these Terms and Conditions to at

This privacy policy is effective from the date and time a user registers with by filling up the Registration form and accepting the terms of use, privacy policy and cookie use policy.

We reserve the right to change our any policy or any term at any time. You need to visit regulary to see any change done. Continued use of namastum after the change of any policy or any term means that you have accepted our change.

In order to provide a personalized browsing experience, may collect personal information from you. Additionally some of our websites/apps may require you to complete a registration form or seek some information from you. When you let us have your preferences, we will be able to deliver or allow you to access the most relevant information that meets your end.

To extend this personalized experience may track the IP address of a user's computer and save certain information on your system in the form of cookies.

The personal information provided by the user to will not be provided to third parties without previous consent of the user concerned. Information of a general nature like name, mobile number and e-mail id, PIN/ ZIP number may however be revealed to external parties.

User aggress that If he / she clicks on YES button, then his details of information like services he/she want, mobile no. , name and email id will be given to service provider/s.

Every effort will be made to keep the information provided by users in a safe manner. Any user browsing the site generally is not required to disclose his identity or provide any information about him/her, it is only at the time of registration you will be required to furnish the details in the registration form. User can add few more information in silhoutte section or through control panel

A full user always has the option of not providing other information which is not mandatory. You are solely responsible for maintaining confidentiality of the User private key or password and user identification and all activities and transmission performed by the User through his user identification and shall be solely responsible for carrying out any online or off-line transaction involving credit cards / debit cards or such other forms of instruments or documents for making such transactions and assumes no responsibility or liability for their improper use of information relating to such usage of credit cards / debit cards used by the subscriber online / off-line.

You agree that may use personal information about you to improve its marketing and promotional efforts, to analyze site/app usage, improve the site's (or app's) content and product offerings, and customize the app's ( or site's) content, layout, and services. These uses improve the App/Site and better tailor it to meet your needs, so as to provide you with a smooth, efficient, safe and customized experience while using the Site/App.

You agree that may use your personal information to contact you and deliver information to you that, in some cases, are targeted to your interests, such as targeted banner advertisements, administrative notices, product offerings, and communications relevant to your use of the Site/App.

You agree that may use your address to send you any product when you purchase a product through namastum service

By accepting the User Agreement and Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to receive this information. If you do not wish to receive these communications, we encourage you to opt out of the receipt of certain communications in your profile. You may make changes to your profile at any time. If you do not aggre to any of our term, condition, policy ;it will be better to delete your account.

It is the belief of that privacy of a person can be best guaranteed by working in conjunction with the Law enforcement authorities and respecting the local rules.

All websites / apps including fully comply with all Indian Laws applicable. has always cooperated with all law enforcement inquires and will cooperate in future. may disclose all or part of your personal details in response to a request from the law enforcement authorities or in a case of bonafide requirement to prevent an imminent breach of the law.

information about him/her, it is only at the time of registration you will be required to furnish the details in the registration form. Few information you may requied to add by you after making the account may carts on the commerce of providing information about any service/s all types of products and other services provided by the any service provider or any type of business organization carrying any type of business (proprietorship, partnership firm or ( referred as the "Service Provider" or “Service Provider” ) in the zone of India (service).

  1. The aim & objective of the ad service is to offer details of need items, quick and upto date information in a consumer approachable manner in which the finale consumer will get benefited. The finale consumer are those who want to purchase goods or services, prevail discount and seeking relevant and specific information about the Service Providers or service provider/s of such goods / services and discount offered, which will be given to the users on account of mutual understanding between user, and "Service Provider".
  • If a service provider does not fullfil its promises or any item sold by sellers is defective or does not reach to you, does not delivered to you, if they do not provide the said discount, in that case is not responsible for it.
  • Safety and Security

    Namsatum supports massive communities which we have to police against abuse and Terms of Service violations. Namsatum users may increase to million users which will make it a lucrative target for spammers. To improve the security of your account, as well as to prevent spam, abuse, and other violations of our Terms of Service, we may collect metadata such as your IP address, devices and Namsatum apps you've used, history of username changes, etc. If collected, this metadata can be kept for 12 months maximum.

    Spam and Abuse

    To prevent phishing, spam and other kinds of abuse and violations of Namsatum’s Terms of Service, our moderators may check messages that were reported to them by their recipients. If a spam report on a message you sent is confirmed by our moderators, your account may be limited from contacting strangers – temporarily or permanently. You can send an appeal using Namsatum. In case of more serious violations, your account may be banned. We may also use automated algorithms to analyze messages in chats to stop spam and phishing.

    Advanced features

    We may use some aggregated data about how you use Namsatum to build useful features. For example, when you open the Search menu, Namsatum displays the people you are more likely to message in a box at the top of the screen. To do this, we calculate a rating that shows which people you message frequently. A similar rating is calculated for inline bots so that the app can suggest the bots you are most likely to use in the attachment menu (or when you start a new message with “@”).

    No Ads Based on User Data

    Unlike other services, we don't use your data for ad targeting or other commercial purposes. Namsatum only stores the information it needs to function as a secure and feature-rich service. Namsatum offers a tool for advertisers to promote their messages in public rooms from one-to-many radio/channels, but these sponsored messages are based solely on the topic of the public channels radio / rooms in which they are shown. No user data is mined or analyzed to display ads or sponsored messages.

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